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Help For A Loved One

Family members seeking help for loved ones can be an overwhelming task. Our intake staff is dedicated to making this experience as stress-free as possible. During the intake evaluation we will assess your loved one’s situation and develop an immediate plan of action.

We specialize in Residential Drug and Alcohol Treatment placement. Short-term residential facilities typically offer a 30-day program (although length of stay varies between clients) focused around building a foundation for long-term sober living. We work with some of the most exclusive facilities around the country in order to find the right program for your loved one.

We also partner with professional Interventionists in the event that loved ones are unwilling to consider treatment options. If you believe your loved one is in need of a skilled Intervention, please contact us to be connected with expert Interventionists in the field.

The pain and damage associated with addiction is not limited to the addict. Families are damaged together and deserve to heal together. New Beginnings Recovery Centers seek to involve loved ones in the recovery process and restore the family dynamic through extensive Family Programming. Please ask us about Family Programs during your initial intake evaluation.

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For details regarding program specifics and financing options, please see our “Program Information” tab.

For information regarding interventions, types of addiction, therapy options, confidentiality and more, please see our “Resources” tab.


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